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Artificial Intuition: building a better spam blocker or predicting just who is a terrorist?

A whole new world of progress (or paranoia, depending on your bent) is opening up to us with artificial intuition.

First off, what’s the difference between artificial intuition and artificial intelligence? In the end, it makes no difference because once we get AI who cares if it’s based on intuition or logic? According to Monica Anderson’s ideas, we will get true AI only if we study, use, capitalize on intuition instead of logic, which is what is the current theories dictate. So what’s the difference between logic and intuition? For the full explanation, you should check out http://artificial-intuition.com/intuition.html. For the short version, consider this: logic is based on facts and truth. It’s the scientific method recorded, annotated, and totally footnoted. Unlike logic, intuition is not based on rules and laws. It developes from a long series of painstakingly learned, but not necessarily written down, lessons. I don’t know what intuition is exactly, but I certainly know it when I see it.

I use intuition to intuit that without intuition a computer cannot adequately block spam. Only a human being can make a true determination on what is spam and what is not. Certainly a computer can be taught that anything with p*e*n*i*s in the subject header is to be sent to the trash, but the spammers learn faster than the computers do and without intuition, the computer has to follow increasingly complex rules about what is and isn’t spam. Eventually it gets so caught up that one day it deletes a message from your sister about how she’s having problems with the mortgage payment and she’s going to have to sell her husband’s rolex soon and because of that he’s having a hard time with his member. Of course, maybe you want that particular email deleted, so perhaps the computer has intuition after all, but you get the point.

The world is Bizarre and too complex to have a rule for every single action and reaction. Defining and using intuition and programming it into a computer can one day deliver the perfect spam blocker. I hope.

There’s always a dark side to every innovation. Could this be it: http://www.intuview.com/? Why is the search for a better spam blocker leading me to believe the technology will eventually be used to decide who is or isn’t a terrorist before they even start stockpiling fertilizer and plutonium?

I know, I know, I’m just being paranoid.



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