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Virtual Book Tour

Yup, that’s right. I am now officially on tour in my office. I’m taking a trip without leaving the proverbial farm. Actually, I live on a farm, so it’s not just proverbial.

Anyway, I’m launching the proverbial virtual book tour in support of The Textile Planet. Makes sense, right? It’s a virtual book, so why not go on a virtual book tour. This is not something I’m making up. I read about this in New Marketing World. Everybody’s doing it and I don’t want to get left behind like I usually do. I’m not asking to lead the pack or anything, just plod along. For once I’d like to be smack dab in the middle of the stampeding herd, plodding along at my usual pace and probably gumming up the works.

So what is a virtual book tour? It’s where the author, or other person seeking to announce to the world the fabulous new product they have available, visits various blogs and blogs at these blogs. The blogs the blogger blogs at are called blog tour stops and the blogger who owns the blog is called the host of the blog. The book touring blogger prepares a blog for the host blogger who then posts it at his or her blog. I plan to do this blogging tour thing during the next two months. One blog a week. I’ve secured permission from a number of blog hosts to blog at their blog and a few others I think I’ll just crash blog. Push past the goon at the velvet rope using my virtual feminine wiles or maybe the force of my virtual personality. I’ll virtually bluster in, drop a big blog, and say Adios, Sayonara, and see you in the funny papers.

I’ve got a schedule of where this blogging is to be taking place and what the blogging issues will be. The idea is to blog as much as possible about The Textile Planet, but the first stop on the blog tour came as an invitation to blog on a subject that has nothing to do with The Textile Planet, BookViewCafe.com, or even me. I’m not sure why I’m considering it part of my blog tour except that I wanted to fill up the dance card and it was a gimme. Oh yeah, it’s at my non-virtual publisher’s blog, so there is that.

Below is the virtual planned schedule. I’m quite sure it has no relation to the actual order I’ll be doing this in, but it is a dance card, nonetheless.

1) Aqueduct Press (This one is in the can already and will probably be posted later this week or next.): Pleasures of reading, viewing, and listening in 2008.
2) Medieval Bookworm (http://chikune.com/blog): BookViewCafe and The Textile Planet
3) DarkWolfsfantasyreviews.blogspot.com: BookViewCafe and The Textile Planet
4) BroadUniverse: BookViewCafe and The Textile Planet
5) http://madammayo.blogspot.com: Science fiction, robots, and you
6) BooksandPostage.livejournal.com: discussion of Tritcheon Hash and/or We, Robots depending on where they’re at with the books
7) BookViewCafe: Who knows, quite possibly the Singularity, or maybe the Library of Congress, or perhaps an update on amphibious extinction with lots of dropped hints about The Textile Planet
8) Singularity Watch: this is my blog. I know it’s cheap to use your own blog, but I’m trying to fill up the dance card
9) TBA or just cancelled. Feel free to offer your blog and suggest a subject. I warn you, though, no matter what off the wall subject you want me to blog about at your blog, my dear potential blog host, I will be doing some blatant promotion of The Textile Planet. And stuff.

Verdant Scusteister Schwamp


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