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Singularity Watch: teeny tiny cars

Nanotechnology figures large in the Singularity. It’s one of the big three (along with genetic engineering and robotics) that are going to bring about the tech apocalypse. Here’s an interesting item that deals with nanotech:

Nanovehicles could one day be used to build memory devices, buildings

Naturally, the first thing that pops into your mind when you read that headline is: does a teeny tiny nanocombustible engine power the teeny tiny car? I’ll answer that for you so you don’t have to read all the way to the end. No. It gets powered by heat and light. See here for an explanation: pretty pictures

So now that we have no clue as to how it will work, I’ll give you the most interesting take away information on this: James Tour, the winner of the prize for inventing this vehicle, said he’s not going to bother patenting it because by the time he figures out how to cash in on it (i.e. put it into production on making something we’ll all pay money for), the patent will run out.

Not sure where the incentive is to keep going on this, but there you are. Somewhere in the future a teeny tiny Malibu Barbie is going to get her wheels.


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