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AI handles the annoying customer

Check it out:


Tell me this isn’t the insurance companies driving the tech. Wouldn’t they just love an indifferent disembodied body to handle calls from people like me. Something that can handle all the bile spewing forth and traveling down the line. Something that won’t threaten to quit or have to undergo company-paid therapy after too many such calls.

Picture this: there I am thinking I’m misplacing my anger on the poor underpaid company rep who can do nothing but repeat how I used the wrong lab and the charges are not covered. I’m not going to get reimbursed no matter how right I am, so I can do the only thing that provides relief: spew forth on the company wretch. Nothing will change here. I’ll be thinking that a human actually is listening to me vent. It doesn’t work venting on a soulless object. Only inflicting pain on some poor schmuck that can feel helps. With smartaction, some poor schmuck doesn’t have to listen to me at all, but I’ll be thinking some poor schmuck is. I’ll feel bad the day after the phone call and drop the whole thing out of embarrassment like I usually do. Once again, a win/win situation with the insurance company.

A pleasant experience with the insurance company is nice and all, but what about the delightful phone calls with the software companies. Will we still get passed around to five AIs who will each ask us our name, phone, email, website, company, operating system, operating system version, hardware, and personal secret user id before getting to one that has enough processor power to actually deal with the fact that the software is still not working even after the “patch” has been applied. And will they give the AIs an Indian accent so we’ll feel comfortable? Here’s another thing: it’s nice that the AIs are conversational and all, but if we’re going to get passed around from one to the next, why not have it be something that’s alive and getting paid. We, that is us here in America, need those people in India. We need them earning money. Somebody’s got to send Care packages to the unemployed service techs here.


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