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MSNBC Weighs in on the Post-Singularitans

Here’s a cool page I found while reading an MSNBC article on how, contrary to all the latest theories, human evolution is actually speeding up.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7348103/ (choose the option on the right)

According to the MSNBC experts, our speedy evolution is going to go one of the five ways they have listed.

Folks, I give you the Post-Singularity humans:

Unihuman – Races disappear as all cultures enter the global mix. Now that we are all truly not just equal, but exactly the same, a caste system is required to help us all just get along.
Survivalistian – Heightened racial differentiation due to some global catastrophe. Apparently we’ll be reverting to our tribal beginnings. I wonder if they’ll have paint ball.
Numan – Two varieties of humans in this possibility: one will be the old-fashioned type that we know today: tree-huggers Bible-thumpers, TV-watchers. The other will be genetically modified to have a really big brain that makes them look like Frankenstein. They will have no desire for trees, Bibles, or TV.
Cyborg – If you watch Star Trek you already know this one: half robot, half man. This is probably Brother Ray’s* choice.
Astral – Totally genetically modified into some sort of star traveller. Stephen Spielberg would probably cast this type in a film about, er, star travellers.

Which type are you?


*Brother Ray is Ray Kurzweil.


2 thoughts on “MSNBC Weighs in on the Post-Singularitans

  1. As long as I can upgrade myself to be like Summer Glau, brilliant and athletic, I think I’ll take Cyborg. I don’t like the idea of numan, it creeps me out. but robots are rad.

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