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Spaceport to the Stars


I’m sure I blogged about this once before, this spaceport for the wealthy. I forget now how many hundreds of thousands of dollars a seat on the maiden voyage costs. Suffice it to say my 401k is not robust enough to handle it.

That’s okay. Let the wealthy be the guinea pigs. Let them test the integrity of the o-rings this time out. Me and my peeps (i.e. the middle class) will wait ‘til that regolith mining operation on the moon gets underway. Or the restaurant at the end of the Universe. They’ll be climbing all over themselves to get me and my peeps to work there then. They’ll pay the fare at that point.

I do not fear for the safety of the wealthy aboard this maiden voyage (Ha, that’s funny, Virgin Galactic is the sponsor.). If I know the wealthy, each one aboard will have a personal o-ring specialist on the staff. Of course, being the wealthy, and by nature overly competitive, if their o-ring specialist finds anything out, they’ll keep it to themselves for proprietary reasons. So there is that.

Even if the middleclass achieves spaceflight in my lifetime, though, I may just skip it. I’ll open the souvenir concession instead. You know: My grandma went all the way to Mars and all I got was this stupid spacesuit.

The spaceport story doesn’t have anything to do with The Singularity, so here’s another item more on topic. This video from Transalchemy highlights all the problems with Transhumanism and The Singularity. Well done.

One final totally unrelated item for anyone in the Reading, PA area: Tuesday August 11: Sue Lange’s Prose Jam show on BCTV (ch. 13 on Comcast) will feature fellow author TK Marion. Tune in at 8pm edt.

See you there!

Sue Lange’s bookshelf at BookViewCafe.com


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