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The Trouble with Kindles

…is not because they multiply like mad and then muck up the elevator works and the di-lithium drive shaft.*

The trouble is you can “download books right from your Kindle, anytime, anywhere” via their Whispernet wireless function…

er… Stop right there.

I had this whole long blog about how you can’t turn the Kindle off and that means Amazon can find you anytime, anywhere and it can do with your Kindle and the books you purchased with it what they want and the only way to turn it off is to unplug it and let the battery go dead and a while ago Amazon took back a number of their titles because they didn’t have the rights to them and they didn’t ask anybody just took them and isn’t that scary that someone can control your Kindle and that you can’t even turn it off and at the same time I was discovering all of this I tried to turn the wireless network of my big ol’ regular computer off and the weird thing was that the Internet configuration page was stuck in a loop where it kept telling me somebody had changed my Internet configurations and I would hit okay and then the message would come back and I would hit okay and the message would come back and I would hit okay and there was no way to change the configuration myself and in fact I couldn’t even get off that page without rebooting my computer and as the control of everything computerish was slowly being taken out of my hands I remembered I had watched the John Hurt version of 1984 recently and wasn’t it ironic that one of the books Amazon had to take back was 1984 and doesn’t it make you wonder if Jeff Bezos is a real person instead of a robot, I mean, he doesn’t show up at any of the cocktail parties I get invited to.

And then I looked at my Kindle again and I noticed there’s an option to turn Whispernet off.

I have GOT to stop reading and writing about AI taking over the world.

Sue Lange
Sue Lange’s bookshelf at BookViewCafe.com

*Weak reference to Star Trek’s Trouble with Tribbles episode


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