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Release of Uncategorized

We’re hijacking the blog again. BookViewCafe.com (BVC), the online publishing concern of which I’m a member, has decided to go into the ebook business. They’re releasing Uncategorized, a collection of my previously published short stories in ebook format. These stories were originally published in a wide variety of venues, from Adbusters Magazine to Apex Digest of Science Fiction and Horror, and now they’re all together for the first time in one happy e-family. I’m not quite ready to give up on the print process, but why not experiment, right? I’ve already got my serialized novel, The Textile Planet, at BVC. Now this collection joins it. It’s available in multiple formats at BVC (prc, pdf, epub, html) and at Amazon in the Kindle format. It’s a mere $1.99 either place.

Uncategorized includes a previously unpublished story in podcast format: “The Timestoppers.” There’s a link to it from the pdf and the other ebook versions. The Kindle version has a URL, but as far as I can tell, Kindle doesn’t have linking possibilities so that’s the best we can do there. The audio story was fun to make and I think fun to listen to as well. I recommend it.

Here’s some stuff from the press release to give you an idea of the content:

“Sue Lange again engages the mind as she entertains the senses thru “Uncategorized,” a collection of randomly genius short stories.

Re-defining the aspect of “Theater of the Mind,” progressive sci-fi author Sue Lange takes advantage of new multi-media tools that technology affords the modern reader. In Uncategorized (BookViewCafe.com; 2009), her latest book, the short story meets old-time radio buckled up in a time machine and blasted into the future.

In this thought-provoking collection, Lange grabs the reader with an “audio download” and segues into her eclectic set of short stories with the aggressive delivery of a beat poet and the timing of a stand-up comedian.”

…and so on in typical press release hyperbole.

Help yourself to the book. Download from BVC.

Download to your Kindle.

And don’t forget to complain to the management if it falls short of your expectations.

Sue Lange


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