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Recycling: Jo-Annie Larue

LaruelampI’ve decided to revisit the trash post of a few weeks ago. I really like the idea of recycling and so I’m going to highlight the creative efforts of recyclers whenever I can. Because I’m not so sure we’re going to pull the Singularity off and there’s a good chance the entire universe will NOT one day be digitized, we are going to have to deal with our population growth one way or another, sooner or later.

My preferred way is to stop wasting resources, and by “resources” I mean: garbage. Stop throwing stuff away. Reuse it. Don’t buy stuff that can’t be reused/recycled/returned to the environment safely.

Jo-Annie Larue is my choice for recycler of the week. Take a look at her webpage. Judging from this page I’d say she’s a rock star. That’s nice and all, but what I really get a kick out of are her tv and bag lamps (like the one in the picture), blender goldfish bowl, and the luggage rack, i.e. rack that’s made out of luggage.

Check ‘er out!


And please send me your best recycling ideas. I love this subject.

Sue Lange

Sue Lange is recycling her previously published short stories in a new ebook anthology called “Uncategorized.” You can get a copy of the collection at Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Recycling: Jo-Annie Larue

  1. Hey Jo-A,

    Thanks for stopping by. Loved your website. To be honest, I wasn’t actually a Rock Star. I’m just very sarcastic. I’m not a Leading Literary Figure either. But I still love your website.

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