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2010: Finally, Those Dang Holidays are Over.

We’re back and it’s a new year. Time for retrospection, introspection, and prospection regarding the Singularity.


2009 brought us prostheses that can be manipulated by the mind, tools made out of cans of paint, the long-awaited personal flying car, a university to secure the next generation of Singularists, and the ever popular transgenderism.

I think it’s fair to say the Singularity had a good year. So what’s ahead?


Why do we insist on predicting things? Did any of the preeminent fortune tellers predict the two biggest events of the year: the passage of a health care bill in the U.S. and Michael Jackson’s death? I did a quick google to see if anyone is claiming to have foreseen these monumental events and apparently a few people did predict Jackson’s death. I like the one who watched Mike rehearsing three days before his death and said he looked awful. Not sure if that counts as a prediction, but there you go. I don’t think anyone predicted that 2009 would see both the Senate and the House passing health care legislation. Who would have had the balls?


With that sort of encouraging information, we shall proceed with our own copyrighted 2010 Singularity Watch Prediction. You ready? Sitting down? Holding on to your hat? Here it is:

The Singularity will not happen in 2010.

I base that astounding prediction on one piece of evidence: We have concluded that the 2012 Armageddon predictions and The Singularity are one and the same. As such, 2010 is just another unremarkable year in the realm of human endeavor. Of course if the U.S. health care bill is rewritten to include a public option, that might be an event worthy of remark.

And of course, knowing the media, they won’t let Michael Jackson die anymore than they let Elvis die, so I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot of Mike sightings in the months to come. That’ll give us something to talk about.

Whatever happens, have a good year filled with amazing new technological inventions, discoveries about yourself, and a general conquering of nature.

Sue Lange
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