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The Singularity: Losing the Light

A few weeks ago Singularity Hub ran a bit on the Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic.

I read with interest the fact that rather than hang around outside for a while, we prefer to get our Vitamin D in the form of a pill. We take great measures to make sure  the free “sunshine vitamin” never so much as touches our skin. It’s as if carcinoma is lurking in each and every ray, just waiting for a chance to infect exposed human bodies.

Singularity Hub is not a mecca for Luddites. The site is very optimistic about tech. The articles are well thought out and do not simplistically ridicule The Singularity just because they can (like some people do). At the same time, the site keepers are not blinded by the possibilities The Singularity proposes. This is evidenced by their article listed above.

And that’s the point. You have to choose your tech, and each person’s choice is going to be different. Whether or not you believe we’re going to one day know everything and should then rearrange the universe to our liking, you have to admit we are certainly working in that direction. We’re figuring a lot of stuff out and we’ve got some incredible tools and toys at our disposal to effect our domination of the Universe. But the perennial question is: will we be better off? Will we be less miserable than before? Or more? How will we tell?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves. What is all this for? Foregoing an hour in the sun, opting instead to ingest a pill may be more efficient but who cares? You’re losing the light. You’re going to live in the dark.

And lest you truly believe time efficiency is a requirement of a quality life, check this out from Kurzweilll’s daily Singularity news round up: A brain at rest strengthens memories.

The upshot is you need to not work your brain to death. Do nothing for a while. Inefficiency breeds efficiency. It’s hip to be square.

Oh, right. The mind is going to be digitized soon, anyway. It’ll be programmable so, what the hey, it’ll be improvable. Use and abuse it just like you do the rest of your body. Just remember, though, we’re not there yet and it’s a long, long way to Tipperary.

My advice: Take a break. Get some sun. A lot can happen on the way to the Singularity.

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