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Ada Lovelace Day

Today is Lady Ada Lovelace Day, which means tech sites are supposed to blog about women in tech. I was all set to post about Richard Stallman today, when I discovered this Ada Lovelace thing. Didn’t take much for me to realize I needed to post about Athena Andreadis instead. I won’t list her tech cred here. Following that link spells it out better than I can.

The reason I like Dr. Andreadis so much is because even though she’s clearly an egghead, she has a wicked sense of humor mined directly from the swirl of humankind. She may gracefully float through the rarified atmosphere of academia, but she slogs through the ditches of cheesy pop culture as much as the rest of us.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, research on the brain, and Singularity theory, she connects dots. And she points out gaps in logic that are simply unconnectable. She makes me laugh while she does it. Sometimes, sometimes I even understand the whole thing.

If the Singularity ever happens, Andreadis is going to be there right at the turning point either discovering it, inventing it, effecting it, affecting it, or Bronx cheering it. She’s my kind of tech geek.

Do yourself a favor, read her blog regularly. She pulls no punches in her posts and they’re not not always about techery, AI, research on dementia, or Singularity Theory. The current post is a whine about the ignorance of Americans et al. when it comes to Greek Hellenic history and culture. She says the most  accurate portrayal of Greek culture to come out of Hollywood  is Xena.

She’s a gem.

Sue Lange

P.S. I love Xena.



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