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Rage Against the Cloud

If ever there was a machine to rage against, it’s the cloud. How I hate it. And yet I know it’s inevitable. Why? Because every other end user loves it. They love storing their files on someone else’s server. They love their gmail and other Google apps. They love their simple, featureless free Internet applications. To me they all just seem designed to get you to do and be what “they” want you to do and be.

The cloud seems to me to be nothing more than International groupthink with the entire world affecting the entire world. It’s definitely the end of the world as we know it, and I’m sure it will be “better” for all of us in the long run because we’ll all be on the same page, the way they like it.

Who is they? They are the ones providing the service. They want us all in the cloud where they control the choices, limiting us to whatever benefits them the most. We must use their apps where ads are continuously playing in the periphery of our vision, subliminally convincing us to go and buy that new whosywhatsit. One size fits all is the mantra of our culture and cloud computing is king of the hill.

I’m not buying it and I will cling to my personal apps and offline software as long as possible. They will have to pry my cold, dead hands from Eudora before I’ll ever ascend to the cloud.

Sue Lange



7 thoughts on “Rage Against the Cloud

  1. Convenience and economy of scale trump uniqueness, beauty and efficiency every_single_time, unless you have a quirky millionaire in your court to maintain something as a personal pet. Sometimes, it’s a good thing: nations had to make their railway gauges compatible. Other times, less so: Europeans had to give up their often work-of-art currency for the sake of the featureless Euro (see old Irish or Hellenic money and weep; not that the Euro did much good to either country).

    You’re an artisan, my friend, in an era that turns craftspeople into fertilizer.

    • One thing I like about the European Union is that there’s a potential for a second world power there. I don’t like it when there’s only one. A good story needs a good protagonist and every good protaganist needs a good antagonist.

  2. It’s just like any other form of business! If I walk into a store, I can get only what is in that store, the way the owners set it up, and that’s that. I see your intention, and I never really thought of it that way. I gave into the cloud, you can stay out of it if you want I guess. To me, all I can see is benefit. But awesome post, it really put things into perspective for me.

    Also, I used to have this theme, and someone told me to lose it because it is harder to read white text on black. I like the look better sometimes because it looks more mysterious and cool, but I had to compromise, and I suggest you pick a black on white theme.


  3. I don’t think it’s so much like a store with limited choices. I think it’s more like the electric company. I can perhaps choose which electric company I use, but in reality the choice is either piped in or off the grid. Which is better? Right now I prefer piped in because I don’t want to design and pay for a solar array. It’s more convenient and cheaper to use the electric company. But imagine if my house was already set up for solar power. Wouldn’t that be better even if it required yearly maintenance on the collectors?

    Actually it doesn’t come down to personal choice. Boss says I have to use the Internet app to declare my hours. If I want to get paid, no amount of email notification of hours worked is going to get me my check. “Oh and by the way, please set up an online banking account so we can get your money to you.”

    It’s not that drastic yet, but I can see it coming.

    You’re absolutely right about the white on black. I knew that even when I picked and still I picked it. I probably should change it though. Thanks for nagging me about it.

    Hang in there!

  4. Ten, maybe five years from now, the prison-industrial-healthcare complex is stronger than ever. One in five people in the world are serving time for rom dealing, or perhaps being in a rom cartel.

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