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Bombing with Books in Philadelphia

Have you seen this BookBombing thing yet? It’s a guerilla literary/art movement. Thingy.

Here’s a description at their website.

“The project creates a narrative space that reveals the materiality of existence – the invisible city within a city that includes the homeless, the trees that grow on city streets, the metropolitan skyline, and everything in between, all part of the urban ecosystem. The artists make their own paper for their prints out of materials that embody the content of their imagery, such as old clothing and invasive plants harvested from abandoned spaces in Philadelphia and from the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Basically they make zines and place them in public places like park benches and empty lots. Their project draws on “the history of guerrilla art, graffiti traditions, and the artist multiple” (whatever that is).

Fine. Whatever they’re doing it sounds fun and I think I need to make a trip to a Philly park bench.

If you can’t make it to the back alleys and abandoned buildings of Philly or San Francisco, download their latest zine and print it out. Instructions for assembly are included in the download.

Can’t wait to check out this wheat paste thing.

Sue Lange

P.S. Make books, not bombs.



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