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Coming up: 31 Days of Weird Science

My novel, Tritcheon Hash, was first published in 2003 by Metropolis Ink. Next week, Book View Cafe is putting the ebook version out. Yay!

It has been said that the book contains lapses of logic. I agree. Some things in it just don’t make sense. And then there’s the weird science. That’s the part I like. In fact I love weird science wherever I come across it, not just in my own writing.

When it comes to weird though, nothing beats reality. No matter how strange, entertaining, or funny, science fiction is, reality is stranger, funnier, and more entertaining. And I’ll prove it to you. Every day in December I’ll post a new entry on the weirdest thing I come across in the world of science. I’m not just talking about glow-in-the-dark puppies or downloadable brains. I’m talking about things like scientists manufacturing the perfect-sized raindrops to bomb mosquitoes with. Just to see how they react. (see photo above from the Oct. 29 issue of New Scientist). No science fiction writer can possibly top stuff like that. The world is full of it and you’ll find out about it right here, every day in December.

Merry Christmas!

Sue Lange

Tritcheon Hash ebook can be found in the Kindle store, at Smashwords, or at the publisher’s site. $4.99. Tritcheon. Rhymes with bitchin’!



2 thoughts on “Coming up: 31 Days of Weird Science

  1. Hi Sue …. arrived here by way of BVC … I am undecided as to whether your December blogs will be the scariest thing ever or the most wonderfullestly absurd thing ever … have you bookmarked for immanent enlightenment!

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