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Weird Science Day 22: The Generic Human Being

Back in March, National Geographic created an image of the averagest human face. They came up with this ghostly image made out of 7,000 tiny human figures, each representing a million people. Check out the National Geographic site and zoom in to see the little people that make up the image.

I have no clue how they did it, what it means, or if it can be classified as science. It is, however, weird and that’s why it’s here.

So who is the generic human being? He speaks Mandarin, is Chinese, is Christian, works in the service industry, lives in a city, and can read.

And yes, the generic human is male. According to Wikianswers, there are 101.3 males for every 100 females in the world. Since we have to pick one, we’ll go with the majority.

And if he looks at all like his picture, he’s an unfocused individual.

Science fiction authors, take note, as the world globalizes further and we cross-breed like rabbits, we will all come to look like this man. Keep that in mind when describing your lead character. And for reality’s sake, please, make him be a bellhop or something. None of this space invader stuff. Too unrealistic.

Thanks for reading.

Sue Lange


3 thoughts on “Weird Science Day 22: The Generic Human Being

  1. The website says it was created for National Georgaphic by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. I wonder what he would’ve looked like if it was created in … Africa … for instance.

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