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Weird Science Day 29: The Bloon

The company zero 2 infinity is the “purveyor of elevating experiences.” They want to take you to the very edge of the atmospheric envelope so you can “see the blue of the Earth shining in the eyes of the person you love.”

What on Earth?

No. That’s just it. You’re not on Earth. You’re in a bloon. You mean balloon? Yes, exactly. Only it’s a bloon.

While Virgin Galactic is revving up its program to take you to low-Earth orbit (100 km) for $200,000, you can take a bloon to “near-space” (36 km) for a more modest $130.000. That’s not a lot of difference in price for a big difference in height, seems to me.

The bloon claims its operation is green, though. That’s its powerful selling point. But Virgin claims environmental respectability as well. I’m sure a balloon is cleaner than a space ship, but I don’t really know.

At any rate, I probably won’t be going any time soon. I’ll have to save up the windfall from the tooth fairy when my teeth fall out before I can afford the ticket.

Something to look forward to.

See you at the edge of the vacuum!

Sue Lange


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