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Postcards from Italy: Café Society

Gary, Manone, and Verlay

Gary, Manone, and Verlay

That’s what it’s all about folks: a cup of coffee, a few friends, and a foreign language. Check out new friends Manone, Brian, Verlay, and Claudio in the photos. Apologies to all for name misspellings and blurry pictures. Claudio’s son, Fedro, was with the group as well, but we didn’t get any pictures of him.

Manone and Brian

Manone and Brian

As a matter of fact, Fedro was just in from Berlin where he is currently residing. He’s an artist and musician and Berlin is one of those magnet places for such folks. He said he’d been all over Europe to all the major art scenes. Amsterdam, Prague etc. In Prague, he says, when you go to the café you end up staying all night, drinking and carousing with friends. Eventually all the people at separate tables join in together until there is only one big conversation. That’s how I always envisioned an any art scene: endless cups of coffee, late nights, no strangers, only friends.

This particular evening was not that long or the conversation as involved, but we did a have two or three drinks each. The group members were from all over: Holland, Ireland, France, Italy. Gary and I were the American contingent. Most of us had pretty bad Italian, so we defaulted to English. Ugh. At any rate we enjoyed sharing ethnic jokes and ranking out on Obama and Berlusconi. I think we even had a few jokes at the expense of the Queen of Holland. Hard to believe we could find something funny about a 90-year-old monarch in this day and age, but as Spaulding Gray once said: At cocktail hour, we let the judgments fly.

At any rate, this is why we travel. And drink coffee.

Sue Lange

Verlay and Claudio

Verlay and Claudio


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