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What Kind of (fill in the blank) Are you?

droneHarpers Magazine has an article that may be the funniest thing I’ve read in decades. It was a transcript from a town meeting in Colorado. The citizens were discussing an ordinance that declared open season on any drones that flew over the town’s air space. As I understood it, it was a gimmick to attract hunters to the area and earn some tourist dollars.

The idea alone is pretty funny, but the discussion that ensued was priceless. There was the expected flak about mistakenly shot down remote-controlled toys; who’s going to pay for damages to homes; do we have an attorney to help us when the U.S. Air Force starts prosecuting us for shooting down government property. All fun stuff.

In the midst of the hilarity, though, was a most illuminating moment. It went like this:

“Man #7: …The drone program in the United States is under attack from the left. This kind of shenanigans and ridiculousness over drones in Deer Trail only fuels their side. This is not a conservative move here…”

What I see from that statement is somebody making a case for or against an issue based on whether or not it has been declared liberal or conservative. We’re not going to think about an issue, we’re just going to let the pundits decide for us how we should feel about it. Apparently privacy is a liberal issue. Conservatives don’t care about it.

Deep down in the soul of every American is supposed to be an individual. That’s our birthright. Maybe the only one we get considering how anti-socialism-minded we are.

If you don’t want the government spying on you, you should say so regardless of what others on the “other side” think. Why are we afraid of aligning ourselves with people that usually hold different world views than our own?

Are people truly 100% conservative? What does being a conservative mean anyway? I thought conservatives were the greatest adherents to the legend of the individual American. If you can never disagree with people that usually tell you what you want to hear, then that independent spirit is mere fiction.

If you make your choices only on what the party, or the pundit, tells you to choose, you have no more independence of spirit than, well, the people that change their behavior because they have spy planes flying over their homes.

Sue Lange

This essay was first posted at Book View Cafe a couple of weeks ago. Ta!


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