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Coming up: Potty Mouth

pottymouthOn March 29th, the Reading Theater Project (RTP) will be holding a staged reading of my trilogy, Potty Mouth. This includes three short plays: Ingenue, The Glass Ceiling, and The Process. The common thread is that they are all conversations that take place in a bathroom.

Last night the director, Christine Cieplinkski, held auditions at the T.E.A. Factory in Reading. I have to say, I’m really excited about what I saw. Everyone read quite well and I can see that these actresses are going to “get it.” Really gratifying to see actors having fun with the roles. They are meant to be fun, even silly at times, though the subject matter is actually serious. I can’t wait to see the final versions.

The reading will be held at the T.E.A. Factory (580 Willow Street, Reading, PA) on Saturday March 29th (8pm) Tickets are $10. There’s lots of free parking at the T.E.A. Factory, and there might even be some munchies. Do stop by!

Questions? Let ’em rip. Or, contact RTP (vicki@readingtheaterproject.com)

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