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Reading, PA: Not Dinner Theater, but Dinner AND Theater

pleinaireThe dinner part is at Judy’s on Cherry (332 Cherry Street, Reading, PA).

The theater part is the series of vignettes by the Reading Theater Project entitled One Body.

The dates are Friday, May 30, and Saturday, May 31.

The price is $35. That gets you a prix fixe meal from Judy’s fabulous plein aire menu and a seat at GAPS (128 N 5th St., Reading, PA) where One Body is playing.

The time is 8pm.


Q: What exactly is “One Body” about? A: Eight performers exposed themselves to Pamela Shields provocative “Masturbation Series” of charcoal drawings. We took a look, got over our shock, and put pen to paper. Each vignette is a reflection of our reflection of Pam’s work (which she created from her reflection in a mirror). Lots of reflecting going on. It’s humorous, thought-provoking, sometimes sad, unique. I dare you to take a peek. My own piece is a clownish number to the tune of Washboard Sam’s “By Myself.”

JudyslogoQ: What if I don’t want dinner, I just want to see the show? A: Tickets are $15 for the show only. Or come on Sunday, June 1. There’s no dinner with that performance, but there will be a party afterwards.

Q: What if I just want dinner, but I have no interest in the show. A: Um, just go to the restaurant like usual. However, I don’t think you can get anything at Judy’s for less than twenty bucks, but you can try. I think the Squash soup might be available. Take a selfie while you’re at it, since you’re not into the whole group package thing.

Q: Where do I pay? A: https://www.artful.ly/reading-theater-project/store/events/2877  Click on Friday or Saturday’s performance. Pay. Call Judy for reservations (610-374-8511). Print out your ticket. Bring your ticket to Judy’s and then bring it to the show.

Q: Who can I contact if this whole thing gets screwed up? A: vicki@readingtheaterproject.com

Q: Will Judy have her limo available like she does for the symphony events? A: Doubt it. You’ll have to drive over to GAPS after dinner. You can park for free in Abraham Lincoln Hotel parking lot. Or better yet, just walk. It’s all of six blocks away. C’mon, have a New York moment for once in your life.

See you there!




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