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Speakeasy: Prohibition in Reading, PA

speakeasy-posterHey folks! Here’s my lastest writerly effort: Reading Theater Project is investigating the 1920s and 30s in Reading, PA. What went on with those bootleggers, millworkers, Socialists, and cigar rollers? A lot. And the music was great, too.

We’re in the process of creating our own speakeasy called the Diamond Mine with hostess Victoria “Duchess” Kreska. Patrons include the notorious Max Hassel, sweet young Georgia, and sardonic Li’l Elmer Pickney, reporter for the “best morning newspaper in Berks County.”  On stage you’ll find the fabulous Diamond Mine Vaudevillians.

All brought to you by Danderine. Do you suffer from itchy scalp, or dry, lifeless hair that won’t hold a wave? Sounds like you need Danderine!

The show’s going up on August 30th. Additional performances on Aug. 31, Sept. 5, 6, and 7 at the Olympia Ballroom in West Reading. Go to the website (http://www.readingtheaterproject.com) for tickets, details, etc.

See you there, Suckers!

Sue Lange


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