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The War on Women

candleIt’s a political phrase, this war on women. Maybe a metaphor or a tag. It started as a ploy by one political party to define the workings of the other political party. Despite that,  it may very well be a reality.

The number one cause of death among pregnant women is murder. The number one cause of work place death for women is murder. There are more statistics, not pretty to look at, but important. This war on women goes unrecognized for the most part because it’s not the usual type of war that starts with a line in the sand or congressional declaration. It’s all done within the confines of intimate relationships. Lovers everywhere are killing their loved ones.

The problem is solvable. As with many of America’s current problems, the answer lies in education. Take a look at the left sidebar at domestic violence website listed above. “55% of women perceive violence as a normal part of their marriages.” I’m quite sure violence has no place in a marriage. Or any relationship. I’m also quite sure someone should get the word out about that.

The goal of Tracy Schott’s “Finding Jenn’s Voice” is just that. It’s a tool to educate the general public about the problem, and to raise awareness among those most at risk.

Narcissistic people capable of heinous crimes, such as murder of a loved one, send up red flags even if they are not outwardly violent. If we learn to recognize these red flags, we can save lives.

The word needs to get out. Documentaries, such as “Finding Jenn’s Voice,” need to be made and distributed. But films are expensive to make. That won’t happen without funding. Please consider a contribution to “Finding Jenn’s Voice,” today, so we can get the word out. There are only 13 days left in the fundraising campaign and it is only 40% funded so far. Please help.

Keep in mind this is a pay now, or pay later deal. Each murder in the U.S. costs the taxpayers 2 million dollars. This is preventable. Help now.

Sue Lange


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