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Post Fund-Raising

Marie:Kira:ChristineTracy’s done with the Finding Jenn’s Voice fund-raising campaign. She got 100% funded. Yay. We’ll be seeing that film next year.

While all that was going on Reading Theater Project had a very successful run with Speakeasy. All shows sold out with an added matinee to handle the overflow. And they liked it! That made me very happy.

I loved working with these folks. It was an exhilarating experience. I’m sort of in withdrawal. I’m sitting here alone with my laptop wondering what to do with myself now that I don’t have to hawk tickets, round up props, or head over to the T.E.A. Factory for rehearsal.

Thank goodness I have a few souvenirs. Here’s one that I taped of Marie DeBooth, Kira Apple, and Christine Cieplinski doing the Max Hassel/Waxey Gordon/Big Maxie Greenburg bit ala Abott and Costello. This had very little to do with the plot but it was fun to write and see performed. I have no idea how Marie, Kira, and Christine feel about it.





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