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Reading Theater Project 2015

ReadingTheaterProjectLogoLots of stuff going on with the Reading Theater Project.

First off: a quick video. In response to Reading’s 15 minutes of fame ala the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree saga, RTP member, Joel Gori, put together a sketch from the tree’s point of view. Check ‘er out:

Second, RTP is moving into a new space. The T.E.A. Factory had a change of ownership and we were concerned about homelessness, so we snagged a studio at the Goggleworks. Our Quick & Dirty improv shows will be held there and we’ll be participating in Second Sunday open houses with open writing sessions, open rehearsals, etc. For our first ever Second Sunday which is actually being held this Sunday, the 19th, (the third Sunday of January, don’t ask, I have no idea), we’re having a big open house with food and libation and who knows what else. Stop by at noon to meet and greet (and eat!) It’s all happening at Room 213 of the Goggleworks (201 Washington Street, Reading, PA). We’ll be there until 5pm. See you there!



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