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Reading Theater Project’s Midsummer Night’s Fundraiser

FundraiserPosterHey all. Reading Theater Project is raising funds. Surprise! We don’t want your money! Nope, we just want you to head over to West Reading Tavern on July 19th at 5pm and order a beer and some truffle fries. Or pulled pork and glass o’ wine. Or any combination on the menu.

The money will come rolling in with the raffle sales (totally voluntary). What are we raffling off? All manner of things. I, for one, am donating an hour of writing critique. You send me your stuff and I’ll critique it. Mercilessly.

We’re also raffling off two all-access passes to the Reading Film FEST in November (a $200 value!), gift certificates to W. Reading Tavern and Dan’s, house cleaning services, a massage, haircut and organic color, legal services for estate planning, handyman services, and a bunch more stuff.

And we’re preparing a few performance pieces straight from the vault for your dining pleasure.

It promises to be a fun night and will perhaps allow Reading Theater Project to stay solvent for a few more months. Do consider stopping by!

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/446591965515155/


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