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Short Film Review: re-:belief

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.58.38 PM

According to the log line this film is “a stunning 3-D printed, hand-crafted, zoetropic short film that asks if recalling memories can break a cycle.”

“Stunning,” sure. “3-D printed,” well, that explains it. “Hand-crafted,” okay, I’ll buy it. “Zoetropic,” what the…?

This all points to film school pretension, which is fine by me. Pretension is what film school is for. Where else can you get away with it? I certainly didn’t get the premise, but I didn’t really care. It’s wonderful to watch. I loved trying to figure out how they got the tiling so seamless.

Someday I’m going to go to film school and figure it out.

Meantime, my favorite part was the scene with the twizzler-like apparati. Made me hungry.

Not crazy about the music. I don’t think I could dance to it.

I give it a B. Keep up the good work.

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