Fiction for Sale: Just in time for Xmas

The_Other_Half_of_the_Sky_Cover_FinalHere’s a blast from the past, Athena Andreadis’ collection of science fiction stories, entitled The Other Half of the Sky, is on sale over at Storybundle ( just in time for the greedy season.

You like to read? You love weird stuff? You love a good sale? Head over to Storybundle and pick up a bunch of books for $15. It’s all sf, fantasy, weird work. The Other Half of the Sky is one such weird sf book. A reminder: this anthology ended up with a bunch of award nominations. I am honored and humbled that my own story, Mission of Greed, somehow got included in this amazing book.

Don’t delay. Operators are standing by:



Buy A Friend a Book Week is Coming Up

Never heard of it? It started in 2005 by Debra Hamel. Check out the website for information.

Here’s a quote from the site to give you an idea of what it’s all about: “Celebrating BAFAB is easy. Just get yourself to a real-life or virtual book store during Buy a Friend a Book Week (the first weeks of January, April, July, and October) and, well, buy a friend a book! But here’s the fun part: you can’t buy your friend a book because it’s their birthday or they just graduated or got engaged or had a baby or anything else. You have to give them a book for no good reason.”

Sounds like fun. I plan to participate and bug my friends to do so as well. Guess I’ll have to visit my favorite bookstore, Wise Owl Bookstore. Geez, what a chore.

Sarcastically yours,

Sue Lange

P.S. If you prefer ebooks, visit the Book View Cafe site to find some cheap reads.