Short Film Review: Oh Willy


No idea what this one is about, but I loved watching it. This was screened at Sundance. Fantastic animation using wool and fuzzy stuff. At time funny, but also poignant. Really a beautiful little movie. But I don’t know what it means. That’s not a bad thing.





Short Film Review: Actresses

I really like this little film by Jeremy Hersh that made it into the 2015 Sundance festival. I have no idea why it’s considered a comedy. I guess because it has a happy ending. Sort of excruciating to watch the process until we get to the happy ending, though.

On the other hand, there’s more going on here than jokes and pokes. Definitely worth a watch.

Short Film Review: Now and Then

Very nicely done little film brought to you by the folks at the New Zealand Film Academy, written by Josh Allen, and directed by Cassidy Presland-White and Matthew Dawson. Well acted. Great little screenplay. Good illustration of what makes a good short film: simple script, uncomplicated setting, small cast, single location, great premise. Can’t say enough about this nice little film illustrating time travel paradox and asking the question if you could change the future, would you. Or maybe: should you?

Nothing better than spec fic!


Short Film Review — To Scale: The Solar System


The title says it all. This film from Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet is about a model of the solar system built to scale. Sounds dry and plotless, but believe it or not, it made me cry. It’s so beautiful.

If you like stories about science, watch this for a new take on a familiar subject. If you usually shy away from Nova or New Scientist, watch this and be stunned. And, and, you will learn something. I promise.

I give this science project an A.

Short Film Review: The Christmas Light Killer by James P. Gannon


This short film is for all the Grinches out there. It’s a documentary about a guy whose job is to turn out all the lights at some sort of Christmas park at the end of the night. He’s a bit down on Christmas. He’s not sure why. He thinks it might be because of his job. The people that come just seem to be trying too hard to enjoy Christmas. He thinks they should all just admit they don’t like it. Like he does.

Great idea for a documentary. I would have liked a little context. The shortness works (7 minutes) because it’s a small concept and doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

I’m sort of like this guy in that Christmas lights don’t seem to interest me as much as they did when I was a kid. Funny thing, though, I really liked the lights in this video. Creative stuff. Cute. Ugh! I might want to go to this park. I have no idea where it is, though. Could use context.

I hope the guy gets over his negativity. It’s really bringing me down. Christmas is depressing enough.

Film rating: B+.