Latest Project: Dust Nuggets

Dust Nuggets Postersmall.jpgI’m on the murky road to film financing. My latest project — following the wild and wonderful ride with Traffic Opera — is called Dust Nuggets.

I’ll be partnering with Andrew Pochan once again. This time we’re going full bore to create a feature film. We shot a teaser for this back in March and finally have it posted:

It’s a mind bending psychological drama with a nod to the Iambic pentameter. It’s Dr. Seuss meets David Lynch. It was originally a web series, but Andrew and I changed things around, got our own minds blown on some big hairy Pharma product, and spit out a script for a full length feature film. With unicorns. We can’t wait to get this mutt financed. If you see us coming, you might want to run in the other direction because we will definitely be asking about money.

See you down at the permit office.


Short Film Review: re-:belief

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.58.38 PM

According to the log line this film is “a stunning 3-D printed, hand-crafted, zoetropic short film that asks if recalling memories can break a cycle.”

“Stunning,” sure. “3-D printed,” well, that explains it. “Hand-crafted,” okay, I’ll buy it. “Zoetropic,” what the…?

This all points to film school pretension, which is fine by me. Pretension is what film school is for. Where else can you get away with it? I certainly didn’t get the premise, but I didn’t really care. It’s wonderful to watch. I loved trying to figure out how they got the tiling so seamless.

Someday I’m going to go to film school and figure it out.

Meantime, my favorite part was the scene with the twizzler-like apparati. Made me hungry.

Not crazy about the music. I don’t think I could dance to it.

I give it a B. Keep up the good work.

Short Film Review: The Christmas Light Killer by James P. Gannon


This short film is for all the Grinches out there. It’s a documentary about a guy whose job is to turn out all the lights at some sort of Christmas park at the end of the night. He’s a bit down on Christmas. He’s not sure why. He thinks it might be because of his job. The people that come just seem to be trying too hard to enjoy Christmas. He thinks they should all just admit they don’t like it. Like he does.

Great idea for a documentary. I would have liked a little context. The shortness works (7 minutes) because it’s a small concept and doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

I’m sort of like this guy in that Christmas lights don’t seem to interest me as much as they did when I was a kid. Funny thing, though, I really liked the lights in this video. Creative stuff. Cute. Ugh! I might want to go to this park. I have no idea where it is, though. Could use context.

I hope the guy gets over his negativity. It’s really bringing me down. Christmas is depressing enough.

Film rating: B+.