Post Fund-Raising

Marie:Kira:ChristineTracy’s done with the Finding Jenn’s Voice fund-raising campaign. She got 100% funded. Yay. We’ll be seeing that film next year.

While all that was going on Reading Theater Project had a very successful run with Speakeasy. All shows sold out with an added matinee to handle the overflow. And they liked it! That made me very happy.

I loved working with these folks. It was an exhilarating experience. I’m sort of in withdrawal. I’m sitting here alone with my laptop wondering what to do with myself now that I don’t have to hawk tickets, round up props, or head over to the T.E.A. Factory for rehearsal.

Thank goodness I have a few souvenirs. Here’s one that I taped of Marie DeBooth, Kira Apple, and Christine Cieplinski doing the Max Hassel/Waxey Gordon/Big Maxie Greenburg bit ala Abott and Costello. This had very little to do with the plot but it was fun to write and see performed. I have no idea how Marie, Kira, and Christine feel about it.


Speakeasy: Prohibition in Reading, PA

speakeasy-posterHey folks! Here’s my lastest writerly effort: Reading Theater Project is investigating the 1920s and 30s in Reading, PA. What went on with those bootleggers, millworkers, Socialists, and cigar rollers? A lot. And the music was great, too.

We’re in the process of creating our own speakeasy called the Diamond Mine with hostess Victoria “Duchess” Kreska. Patrons include the notorious Max Hassel, sweet young Georgia, and sardonic Li’l Elmer Pickney, reporter for the “best morning newspaper in Berks County.”  On stage you’ll find the fabulous Diamond Mine Vaudevillians.

All brought to you by Danderine. Do you suffer from itchy scalp, or dry, lifeless hair that won’t hold a wave? Sounds like you need Danderine!

The show’s going up on August 30th. Additional performances on Aug. 31, Sept. 5, 6, and 7 at the Olympia Ballroom in West Reading. Go to the website ( for tickets, details, etc.

See you there, Suckers!

Sue Lange

Audition for Prohibition

Attention all you flapper wannabes: Reading Theater Project is currently working on their end of summer production. It’s about Prohibition in Reading, PA. As everyone knows, Reading was infamous throughout mobdom of that time as a “wide open town.” We’re spending a lot of time in the vault, digging through the cracking, yellowing pages of the 1920s and 30s archives. You would not believe what we are finding.


And we’re not telling about it until it’s time for the unveiling of the production. Meantime you can get in on the action by auditioning for the show. We’re looking for people that can talk, act, sing, hoof, tell jokes, do impressions, or perform anything remotely Vaudevillian. Here’s the official call:


The Reading Theater Project will hold auditions for our original production, Speakeasy, a play with music about Prohibition in Reading. Auditions will be on Monday, June 30 and Tuesday, July 1 at 6pm at the TEA Factory at 580 Willow St. in Reading. 

All actors should prepare a 1 minute piece, from the 1920s/1930s era if possible: a monologue, 32 bars of a song, or a performance art style. We are casting adult actors to play Vaudeville-style performers, gangsters, temperance workers, and citizens. Only some roles require singing.

Performances Aug 30, 31 and Sept 5, 6, 7. All roles will receive a stipend. Questions or to reserve your audition space: 484-706-9719 or Details on roles and the production at


Hope to see you there.