Fiction for Sale: Just in time for Xmas

The_Other_Half_of_the_Sky_Cover_FinalHere’s a blast from the past, Athena Andreadis’ collection of science fiction stories, entitled The Other Half of the Sky, is on sale over at Storybundle ( just in time for the greedy season.

You like to read? You love weird stuff? You love a good sale? Head over to Storybundle and pick up a bunch of books for $15. It’s all sf, fantasy, weird work. The Other Half of the Sky is one such weird sf book. A reminder: this anthology ended up with a bunch of award nominations. I am honored and humbled that my own story, Mission of Greed, somehow got included in this amazing book.

Don’t delay. Operators are standing by:



Where are the women of SF?

OHOTSCoverWhy are people focusing on this question so much lately? Is it some weak tie-in to women’s history month (March)? Does this happen every time spring rolls around? Or has something reached epidemic proportion and now it’s time to Do Something?

I don’t know but there does seem to be a rash of blog posts on the subject. There’s this. And then there’s this. And finally there’s this. Regardless, as Kathi Kimbriel pointed out on Facebook (I would include the link but I’ll be damend if I can figure out how to find anything at Facebook) the answer is: we’re here at Book View Cafe; can’t help it if no one is bothering to look. (For those who don’t know I’m a member of Book View Cafe although I don’t spend as much time over there as I should.)

Perhaps the larger question and the one the Strange Horizons post seemed to be asking is why aren’t the women being reviewed? Which actually translates to: why isn’t women’s writing being taken seriously? I’ll let the academics, the people that study science fiction, answer that. They’re the ones falling down on the job.
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Postcards from Italy: Arrivederci, Civediamo, Ciao

closingToday’s my last day, the fantasy is coming to an end: back to reality.

There’s a long list of things I didn’t do, and a short list of things I did do before ennui and a cold set in. That’s the problem with fairyland: the urge to be satisfied with doing nothing is strong. You can easily just sit and soak up the charm and that’s enough.

Gary’s staying on. He’s addicted. Can’t blame him. He spends his days making music videos and his nights learning Italian. La dolce vita.

I’ll be back, when I need a rest or a jumpstart to my fantasy life. Meantime it’s back in the saddle for me. Ciao for now.

See you stateside.

Sue Lange

Watch for Sue Lange’s story, Mission of Greed, to be out soon in THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY (science fiction anthology), and Megastar Hopper, to be out soon in SO IT GOES (Kurt Vonnegut anthology).

Meet the Other Half

I first came across Athena Andreadis online after I read something of hers at the Singularity Hub. I like to hang around the fringe of the Singularity just so I won’t miss out when it happens. I mean that only slightly sarcastically because, although I’m not sure I buy the theory, I like to keep up with news and gossip just the same. I want to know who has signed up for SmartBlood transfusions and where to get the freshest organs for transplant.

The Singularity is strange and not for everybody. People like me prefer to occupy a spot somewhere between the conservatives who believe heaven makes a good enough afterlife, and the cheerleading transhumanists who do not. Us fringeheads watch from the rim of the event horizon with our cryogenically frozen heads stuck in the sand.
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New Science Fiction Anthology Due Next Year

I’m pleased to announce my participation in THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY, a science fiction anthology slated for publication spring, 2013. The stories in this collection will feature female protagonists against a backdrop of space opera. They will include contributions from such writers as Martha Wells, Nisi Shawl, Joan Slonczewski, Ken Liu, and Jack McDevitt.

Athena Andreadis, one of the editors along with Kay Holt of Crossed Genres magazine, has a complete list of the contributors at her blog. She’s also posted opening paragraphs for the stories there. Take a look, leave a comment, put aside a little cash to buy the thing when it comes out next year.

For those that need to know: new kids on the publishing block, Candlemark & Gleam, are doing the honors. Watch their site for news.

And while you’re waiting, here’s the opening from Finders, by Melissa Scott:

“A thousand years ago the cities fell, fire and debris blasting out the Burntover Plain.  Most of the field was played out now, the handful of towns that had sprung up along the less damaged southern edge grown into three thriving and even elegant cities, dependent on trade for their technology now rather than salvage.  Cassilde Sam had been born on the eastern fringe of the easternmost city, in Glasstown below the Empty Bridge, and even after two decades of hunting better salvage in the skies beyond this and a dozen other worlds, the Burntover still drew her.”

Stay tuned! More to come.