Short Film Review: Now and Then

Very nicely done little film brought to you by the folks at the New Zealand Film Academy, written by Josh Allen, and directed by Cassidy Presland-White and Matthew Dawson. Well acted. Great little screenplay. Good illustration of what makes a good short film: simple script, uncomplicated setting, small cast, single location, great premise. Can’t say enough about this nice little film illustrating time travel paradox and asking the question if you could change the future, would you. Or maybe: should you?

Nothing better than spec fic!



Fiction for Sale: Just in time for Xmas

The_Other_Half_of_the_Sky_Cover_FinalHere’s a blast from the past, Athena Andreadis’ collection of science fiction stories, entitled The Other Half of the Sky, is on sale over at Storybundle ( just in time for the greedy season.

You like to read? You love weird stuff? You love a good sale? Head over to Storybundle and pick up a bunch of books for $15. It’s all sf, fantasy, weird work. The Other Half of the Sky is one such weird sf book. A reminder: this anthology ended up with a bunch of award nominations. I am honored and humbled that my own story, Mission of Greed, somehow got included in this amazing book.

Don’t delay. Operators are standing by:



"Uncategorized" Now at Smashwords

This just in:

Uncategorized is now available at Smashwords.
Formats available include mobi, pdf, epub, rtf, doc, pdb, lrf, plain text, html, and javasciript.

Here’s the blurb:

“In this thought-provoking collection, progressive sci-fi author Sue Lange takes advantage of new multi-media tools that technology affords the modern reader. She grabs the reader with an ‘audio download’ and segues into her eclectic set of short stories with the aggressive delivery of a beat poet and the timing of a stand-up comedian.”

Go get yourself a membership and an armload full of ebooks.

And by the way, there’s still a couple of days left to win a free copy of “Uncategorized” from sfsignal.