Art in Manhattan: postponed to March 1.

ShieldsDue to dicey weather, this trip has been rescheduled for March 1. I don’t believe we have a bus available, though. Too bad. We had a full load and now I’m not sure what we’re going to do.

Watch the skies for info.

Previous post: I’m pleased to announce that I will be performing with the Reading Theater Project at Ceres Gallery in Manhattan on February 15th. (No, that is not me doing my act there in the picture.)

This is a really cool project that’s coming together nicely. Five of us actor/writers have put together a group of sketches that relate to Pamela Roule Shields’ highly provocative installation entitled “One Body.”  Here is part of Shields’ statement about her work:

“It is time for women to define their own sexuality – to take back their bodies, their lives. The body – the physical body – is at the core of women’s struggle for independence and freedom. What better and more basic way to declare independence than with your own body. Frank depiction of a woman’s sexuality is still taboo. Taboos are enforced through the use of shame. Nothing could be more deep-rooted and controlling than instilling internally a shame of your own body and your own natural, normal sexuality.”

Shields works in Charcoal and what I’ve seen so far is gorgeous. The subject matter might be unsettling but the rendering is amazing. Look at the knuckles on that hand. Beautiful stuff.

We’ll be at Ceres Gallery (547 West 27th Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10001) on Saturday, February 15th. There’s no cover charge, but do call to make a reservation so they know how many seats to rent: 212-947-6100. The gallery opens at noon, we’ll be performing at 3pm. I believe I’m going on first, so get there early if you’re going.

If you’re from the Reading area, consider taking the Bieber bus with us. They’ve reduced the fare for this trip to $30, which is quite a savings. Normally it’s close to $60 for a round trip. We’ll be leaving at 8am at the Tea Factory (lots of parking there). The website says the deadline to sign up is Jan. 10th, but I happen to know there are still a few seats left, so don’t hesitate. Information is at the RTP website:

See you there!

Sue Lange