Dust Nuggets: my latest project

Dust Nuggets Poster2Small.pngDust Nuggets is a feature film. Full-length. Yup, and I’m scared. Never did this before.

The film’s a mind-bender. Dreamscape. Surreal at times. Something you’ve never seen before for sure. Not frightening or hard to understand, just different. Aren’t you ready for something new?

We put together a test short when we were first trying to figure out what the film was about. You can see that on Youtube.

There’s more information about the film at our fundraising page.

What we need most of all right now are donations. Please consider helping.

Call for Actors

Dust Nuggets PostersmallCall for Actors

Now casting for Dust Nuggets feature film

Shooting for Dust Nuggets will commence December 2018 and continue through May 2019. This is a drama about a struggling garage band. Shooting will take place in southeastern PA, primarily in Berks County.

Roles needed

Joanie – age 9-12, curly brown hair any ethnicity

Ivan/Yvonne, — 30-50, any gender, any ethnicity

Dee — 30-40s male, any ethnicity

Q — 30-40s male, any ethnicity

Harry/Harriet – talk show host 30-60s, any gender or ethnicity

Tom Waits as Renfield in Bram Stoker’s Dracula – any age, ethnicity, or gender. If you can convince us you are Tom Waits as Renfield, you got the part.

This is a non-SAG production, but rates comparable to SAG will be paid.

We also need a lot of extras for this production. All ages, ethnicities, and genders. No pay or travel stipends for extras.

Auditions will be held in November. Please send headshot and resume to coolathfilmth@gmail.com

Reading Bluesfest: back to the roots

blues-fest-logo-white.jpgGoing back to my roots. On November 18th I’ll be performing at Grill then Chill as part of the Reading BluesFest. Grill then Chill is at 400 Woodward Street, Reading PA 19601.

I’ll be performing with Lamont Bates (bass), Roger Harris (guitar), and David Williams (drums). Also performing with me will be Angie of the Honeybees, and the fabulous Maria Damore.

Starts at 2pm on Sunday, Nov. 18th


Can’t wait to do this performance. Its’ been a long time coming!


Who’s who

The Divas

Angie Ezell began fronting cover bands at the age of 17 before diving into the rewarding experience of writing and performing music with two of the areas most memorable original bands, Frozen Poet and Big Beat Tornado.  More recently, she has been exploring the Classic sounds of the great Jazz, Blues and Soul singers in a project called the “HoneyBeez.” This experience has allowed her to work with some talented local artists including Lars Potteiger and Andy Burasz. Angie & the HoneyBeez have been featured in last year’s Blues Fest as well as the last few years Boscov’s Jazz Fest in Reading.

Maria Damore is one of the most versatile singers in Berks County. She has a fabulous voice and was one of the actors in Reading Theater Project’s 2016 Da Ponte opera about the life and times of Lorenzo Da Ponte, the librettist for Mozart’s best operas. She is noted for her strong, clear vocals and versatile style in covering pop, jazz, soft rock, 50s-60s-70s music, standards, Broadway, classical, and Greek folk music. She’s a featured singer in Sue Lange’s short film, Traffic Opera. Her daughter Olivia and son Jimmy are also featured.

Sue Lange is a writer, singer, and flautist. She played her unique blues-rock style of music throughout the 90s in New York City. She’s been on hiatus since the turn of the new century, but now is back with a vengeance.

The Boys in the Band

Lamont Bates (bass): After hearing stories of his father’s experiences playing as a professional drummer on the road and seeing his hero Thomas Jenkins play the bass, Lamont decided he was going to be a bass guitar. He started lessons at the age of nine and played in the school band on the Acoustic Bass. After being away from music during high school and after while serving three years in the Army, he picked the bass back up. After listening to such bass guitar heroes as Bennie Sims, Victor Bailey, John Pattitucci, and Stanley Clark perform on albums and at live shows he got inspired to start playing the Electric Bass. Since then he’s been performing in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida for 25 years. For thirteen of those years he’s been with the Uptown Band. Performances include stints at CNBC studio in Times Square, New York city, the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, and the Berks Jazz Festival.

Roger Harris (guitar) played variety roadshows full time from the early seventies  through the mid nineties as vocalist, guitarist and electric violinist, for acts including the David Grayson Show, Kaleidoscope, and Roger Harris and Diamond. Music has taken him through most of the US, parts of Canada, and Puerto Rico. He spent much of the eighties in Atlantic City and the Poconos resort areas both as a featured vocalist/instrumentalist and as a solo act. After leaving the road, he moved to Reading PA to settle with his wife Cynthia, whom he met during her stint as a professional costumer for many of the Atlantic City casino bands. Since moving here he has worked steadily both solo and with area acts like Neil Wright, Erich Cawalla’s Uptown Band, and Josh Squared, (Josh Tindall and Josh Duma), as well as Hershey-based Wave and his own trio, LunaCity Jazz. Throughout his eclectic career, Roger has played pop, blues, jazz, rock, and country, as well as broadway and big band, and has done session work on east and west coasts.

David E. Williams (drums) has been playing drums for many years. He co-started the Coatesville based G2 band and also played with The Blind Date Band. He is currently the Musical Director for Doxa ensemble of Reading Pa. His group has opened up for various artists such as Grammy award winner John Legend, the legendary Patti Labelle, and a variety of gospel recording artists. He’s played with many musicians in the Berks, Delaware, and Chester county areas. He feels being humble and listening makes him a better drummer and collaborating with other musicians.

Latest Project: Dust Nuggets

Dust Nuggets Postersmall.jpgI’m on the murky road to film financing. My latest project — following the wild and wonderful ride with Traffic Opera — is called Dust Nuggets.

I’ll be partnering with Andrew Pochan once again. This time we’re going full bore to create a feature film. We shot a teaser for this back in March and finally have it posted: https://youtu.be/-TkVt_1noTA

It’s a mind bending psychological drama with a nod to the Iambic pentameter. It’s Dr. Seuss meets David Lynch. It was originally a web series, but Andrew and I changed things around, got our own minds blown on some big hairy Pharma product, and spit out a script for a full length feature film. With unicorns. We can’t wait to get this mutt financed. If you see us coming, you might want to run in the other direction because we will definitely be asking about money.

See you down at the permit office.


The best dream of my dreams of heaven

UpToHeavenI often dream of heaven. Not of heaven so much as me going to heaven. It’s always a sunny day when I start. I can fly, of course, and so I do I fly up through a beautiful bank of cumulus clouds, piles upon piles of them. I’m very optimistic and excited. But then I enter the bank and claustrophobia sets in. I wonder if there’s no turning back even if God doesn’t like me.

There’s no one around in that bank, just more and fluffier white. I can feel the presence, though, of beings. Angels,  no doubt. They are not all benevolent as you know. Some of them are welcoming. They seem to be in my corner and shore me up. Others, though, put thoughts in my head about what do I think I’m doing here. I rarely make it past this stage, but once in a while…

One time I found myself in an abandoned two-story house. One of those places that you see from the road and wonder what tragedy happened here. What person died here in childhood, what kind of incest was perpetrated here? The house was weathered gray and rickety. A hole in the roof let the foyer fill with leaves. Cracked window panes, stained walls, sinking floor. No one was about, but I could hear voices. Again some were encouraging, but others implied rape or impalement on a spike if I didn’t leave.

I left.

Another dream was fantastic. Bright as day. It was a science fiction dream. I was in an open-air jet, flying through a narrow trough on either side of which were stone and cement apartment buildings, one on top of the other. No greenery anywhere, just architecture. Someone was in my jet egging me on. The apartments had balconies and people were out partying, waving to me, cheering me on. I just knew that if I hopped off the jet at any of these balconies, I would be welcomed inside to share lemons, salt and top-shelf tequila.

SteepleInFogI didn’t stay there either.

In my favorite dream of heaven I was myself an angel. A guardian angel. I lived in a lovely cottage on a cliff. My charges, the humanity living down in my neighborhood, would often visit me and ask me for advice. That was my job: to help people with problems. Sometimes I had sex in my cottage. It was very warm and bright with orange wall-paper.

One day I told God I was bored and, as you may have guessed, he became very angry. He told me if  my job was too easy, he would show me what it was like to be a human. The next thing I knew I was in the screened-in porch of a messy house on the edge of desperate town. Overturned tables, stacks of pornography, machine parts were everywhere. I had been kidnapped by an unshaven red neck and his half-wit son. They’d sewn me into a burlap sack with plans to have their way with me, which is to say, cook me for dinner.

Oddly enough I was not scared, but I knew the situation was not going to end well. I fought my way out of the bag and then away from the man and his son despite the fact that they had guns (they were not very bright) and flew quickly back to my perch on the cliff hundreds of miles away, apologizing to God the entire time, and promising to never be bored again.

When I woke up, I wrote a song about my world on the cliff.


You can hear it here: https://youtu.be/1vvYTXJis5g

My short film is available on Vimeo

APerfectYouPostersmall.jpgVery happy to announce A Perfect You is now available on Vimeo for all those who missed it at the various festivals. This little film garnered a “best actress in a short” award for lead Rashieda Awan. Music by my pals Chris Heslop, Bennie Sims, and Alex Meixner make this a must see film. 99 cents to rent, $1.99 to buy. You can’t beat the price.

Watch it now!


Update: August 2017

Been awhile since I’ve blogged here. Haven’t been following the Transhumanists, so nothing to report there. I’ve also been too busy creating short films to do reviews on others’ work here. What have I been doing? Well, there’s this:


Ziplining at Hocking Hills (photo by somebody, who knows, guy that worked for the company)

Then there’s this:


Sue (on flute) and Katie (on mic) with Marty in background doing some Peggy Lee at Sofrito. (photo by Big Al, your blues pal)

And finally this:


Jane Ney’s birthday party. Gang’s all here (Lesher, Lange, Steur, Graff, Heslop, Alvarado, Pochan)(Photo by Lauren White)